Monascus Red Color

Monascus Red Color

Characters: (1)Good stability, and good to light and heat. 
                     (2)No affection when mixed with heavy metalion oxidize or reductant, high coloring.
Suggest level:About 0.1%-0.05%
Used in wine, meat products, cakes, seasoning, canned foods, medicine, cosmetic, etc.
Storage:Pack it in a well sealed container, and store it in a cold and dark place.
Product description:
The Monascus Red coloring is made from high quality rice by micrcorganisms fermenting and refining. It is a safe and harmless natural color.This color is water soluble.Its hue is purple, red or orange-red. Please dissolve in warm water, and adjust the color valence according to need.
Monascus Red pigment can be widely used in food, pharmaceutical, cosmetics industry and others. It is also believed that natural Monascus Red pigment contains some functional substances.

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