Sodium PCA(PCA-Na)

Sodium PCA(PCA-Na)

Appearance: Yellowish transparent liquid
1. Cosmetic moisturizer
PCA-Na is one of the important components of natural moisturizing factor. It has high hygroscopicity, non-toxicity, no irritation and good stability, so it is an ideal natural cosmetic healthcare product for skin care and hair care in modern ages, which can make skin and hair have wettability, softness, elasticity, gloss, and antistatic.
2. Skin whitening agent
PCA-Na is an excellent skin whitening agent that inhibits the activity of tyrosine oxidase and prevents the deposition of "melanoids" in the skin, thus making the skin white.
3. Keratin softener
As a keratolytic agent, PCA-Na has a good therapeutic effect on skin disease "psoriasis".
Sodium PCA(PCA-Na) is a kind of natural moisturizing factor(NMF).
PCA-Na is mainly used in cream cosmetics, solutions, shampoos, etc. It also replaces glycerin in toothpaste, ointment, tobacco, leather, paint as a wetting agent, as well as chemical fiber dyeing auxiliaries, softeners, antistatic agent, and a biochemical reagent.
Specification: 20kg/drum
Storage: Protect from light and moisture   
Shelf Life: 2 Years

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